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We are an independent haulage contractor based out of Purfleet, Essex. Delivering to both the commercial and retail markets, Swift & Bold Transport specialises in the provision of petroleum tanker haulage services in the south of England for commercial and retail markets. Collecting from loading terminals across Essex, we distribute fuel 24/7.

At Swift & Bold we aim to maintain the highest degree of integrity in our business activities. Our team possesses decades of collective experience in fuel distribution and are fully trained to industry standards. We understand the importance for environment sustainability and consistently strive to minimise our impact by engaging in the following behaviours:

  • Investing in energy-efficient vehicles
  • Recycling and limiting the amount of waste we produce
  • Providing training and adaptable skills to our staff

As an independent business, we at Swift & Bold Transport appreciate the necessity for high safety and security in the haulage industry. To this end, we aspire to regularly grow and adapt with the changing market, whilst continuing to review the protection we provide for our staff, clients, assets and data.

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Marine Bunkering

View our Marine Bunkering Terms and Conditions (PDF).

Fuel Delivery

Mission Statement

At Swift & Bold Transport Ltd. we are committed to providing our customers with punctual, flexible and focused logistics solutions. Our aim is to provide our valued customers with the highest level of transport service that we, as a team, can provide on a profitable basis.

Vision Statement

The ethos of the company is to be professional at all times to achieve a happy working environment for all staff. As an experienced ambitious group, we endeavour to build lasting and trusted relationships with our customers, whilst continually adapting to the ever-changing environment and market we work in.

Latest News

Our 1st Anniversary : 16th June, 2017.

The 16th June 2017 is exactly one year since our first truck set off for its first delivery. A simple drive over the M25 to Uxbridge laid the foundations for Swift & Bold to build significantly. Now we have a blossoming fleet of Artic and Rigid Fuel Tankers making journeys all across England from our base in Purfleet. We have no intention of slowing down soon.

With our fleet and staff growing over the last year, so has our range of services. We are now able to offer marine deliveries and have been approved our RDCO to trade fuel. We still offer our commercial and domestic services including home heating, so contact us today for a quote.

Dean Lawrence (Owner and Founder): "I'm incredibly proud of the work the team has carried out since Swift and Bold was created. They have been hugely professional and represented us to the highest standards. Our first year as a business has been more successful than I could have dreamed, but it's not time to rest on our laurels. As we are now able to offer marine deliveries and sell fuel, as well as deliver it to our customers, this is just the beginning of another exciting year."

Swift and Bold Tanker One of our tankers making a marine delivery

About Swift & Bold Transport

Royal Green Jackets

The Royal Green Jackets was an infantry regiment of the British Army. Originally formed as a single Large Regiment, the Royal Green Jackets was composed of three former single-battalion infantry regiments; The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (43rd and 52nd), The Kings Royal Rifle Corps and The Rifle Brigade.

These regiments merged seamlessly thanks to shared histories and traditions, enabling them to become an innovative unit. Prior to the merge and since, the Royal Green Jackets are responsible for much of the British Infantry's progressive thinking in terms of tactics, training, equipment, and man-management.

Represented by an ethos of "First in and last out", the Green Jackets collected a total of 59 Victoria Crosses, unparalleled by any other regiment. Its officers and riflemen served with honour and distinction in every operation, in particular in Northern Ireland where they played a decisive role in the campaign.

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Swift and Bold (Latin: Celer et Audax)

"Swift and Bold" was the Regimental motto of the Royal Green Jackets from their formation in 1966. The originality and progressive approach expressed by the Green Jackets is represented by this slogan, which remains at their heart along with their rich legacy since merging with The Rifles in 2007.

Riflemen in the Royal Green Jackets are known as Chosen Men, carefully selected soldiers of excellence with a strong bond between officers and comrades. Here at Swift & Bold Transport, we strive to bring the values and leadership displayed by the Green Jackets to the fuel industry, through professionalism, innovation and loyalty.

The Director

Dean Lawrence (Owner and Founder)

Dean started as a young solider in the British Army, and developed a career as a Chosen Man in the Royal Green Jackets. Upon leaving the army, Dean obtained his HGV licence in 2002 and began by gaining experience driving container lorries. Eventually his career segued into the fuel industry, working for BP, Turner's and Greenergy.

Having acquired a wealth of experience in this sector, Dean decided to use his expertise in haulage to start Swift & Bold Transport. From humble beginnings with one fuel tanker and two Chosen Men double-shifting, this independent contractor has grown to a fleet offering domestic, commercial, retail and marine deliveries nationwide.

"We aim to deliver our integral values to each and every client. We strive for pure professionalism and motivation within our ambitious group, which helps us provide an excellent service." – Dean Lawrence

Swift & Bold Driver Support

Swift and Bold Driver Support

Delivering Our Promise

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